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Russell T Davies, Chris Chibnall, Idris Elba call for budgets to increase ethnic diversity in TV

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a couple more fic recs:

Time Lag by castrovalva9  “In 1979 London, the Fifth Doctor, Tegan, and Turlough accidentally crash a Torchwood party.”

"Good news, team. I’ve just received word that last month was a banner month for Torchwood. We were directly responsible for only 57 civilian deaths, which was a record and constituted a 43% reduction from the same period last year. Let’s aim for just 50 civilian deaths next month, all right?"

Locked in with Myself by LunaRowena  “Set during Turlough’s stint in the dungeon during “The King’s Demons.”

Nothing. Nothing except the clanking of the chains, what sounded like dripping water and the scurry of rats somewhere beyond his sight, and the silence reverberating in his own mind. Silence. In his mind. No Black Guardian yelling at him for failure. No feelings of hatred originating from an outside source. It was just him.
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542. Muggleborns are horrified to learn that there are no digital downloads of their favorite wizard pop songs and begin to make digital recordings. The Ministry of Magic is tearing their hair out as these recordings make their way online, and muggles start discussing the meaning of “Do the Hippogriff”. 

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why do classic who fans call NewWho “nuwho”?

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doctor who + text posts (1/2)

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nothing anyone says about twelve makes any sense for a man who just came from saving all 2.4 billion fucking maypole babies and alllll 900 years worth of dickensian children in christmastown why is steven moffat a thing

the twelfth doctor is going to be *spins wheel of personality* MOODY and *spins again* DARK because he *spins wheel of motivation* saved a bunch of ribbon twirling kids and *spins again* got given a bunch of extra lives


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i took this voice/face emotional recognition test today and i swear this is freema (the test is from the uk so) or she has a doppelgänger i’m so ???????

freema is this what you’re doing now that the carrie diaries is getting cancelled.

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“What regeneration are you in?” asked Turlough, sceptically.
“Oh, this is my 10th body now.” He smiled. “It’s been a while.”
Turlough didn’t return the grin.
The Doctor walked up beside him and whispered in his ear, “You’re not still trying to kill me, are you?” with a cheeky wink.
“Uhh, no… We’ve got past that now.” His face was almost as red as his hair.
“Oh, good!” The Doctor clapped him on the back. “You know, I always wanted to be ginger. Maybe next time, eh?”
Turlough smiled weakly.


She obviously wasn’t impressed. “If you really ARE the Doctor-“
“He is the Doctor!” Martha defended her friend.
“If you are the Doctor,” she continued, “then you’ll know we have to save the Doctor. You know, my Doctor.”
The 10th Doctor crooked an eyebrow. “Your Doctor?” A faint smile played on his lips.
“The other Doctor!” yelled Tegan in frustration.

this fic is everything I ever wanted oh my god.

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inloversmeeting said: I want to flip ahead to like five years from now and skip all the terrible choices I have to make between now and then

lmao not a bad nor uncommon christmas wish, tbh.

oodlyenough said:

lol when i went into my nativity tag to get the reaction gifs i saw ‘what the hell are regionals’

whats ur fave christmas tradition

my fave christmas tradition is watching nativity 2 with you guys

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is it christmas yet

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picking up "Seeds of Doom" from episode 3 in 5 mins.

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Get to Know Clara - #5 She does not like computers. At all. At the beginning of her first episode, she just wanted computers to work, but had no idea how or why. In fact, she was even a little scared of her laptop and actually called a help line to figure out how to click on the WiFi button.

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Happy birthday to Anthony Ainley, Sylvester McCoy, and Sophie Aldred! (August 20, 1932, August 20,1943, and August 20, 1962)

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[The Doctor] is an old fashion hero, he’s always an extremely good, extremely moral character. He’s always in the side of good and truth and justice. He’s never cruel, he’s never unkind. He always tries to make peace, he always protects the underdog…
— Terrance Dicks, More than 30 years in the TARDIS.
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